sporting betting against stocks
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Sporting betting against stocks jaguars odds to win super bowl

Sporting betting against stocks

Will Disney open its doors to sports betting? Since then, market dynamics have changed with major U. The WSJ, citing sources, reported that the major sports conglomerate held discussions with DraftKings and Caesars Entertainment back in Last summer, as the NFL prepared for the regular season, a potential deal was widely viewed as a game changer for the sports betting industry. Last October, ESPN Digital set a new company record for most unique monthly visitors in the sports category at million , topping the record set in July of Sportsbook operators are searching for ways to differentiate themselves through in-game betting as the U.

Email Thanks for signing up Inbox Behavioral economists, by contrast, argue that value and momentum traders are shrewdly identifying irrationality in the market. In their view, these investors have correctly picked out stocks that are simply mispriced due to human foibles. Momentum traders are leveraging the false but widespread belief that winners will keep on winning; value traders appreciate some aspect of a company that others are overlooking.

So, who is right? This problem got Tobias Moskowitz thinking. Professor of Finance at Yale SOM, has a longstanding interest in the intersection of sports and economics. He realized that sports betting markets might offer a useful analogy to financial markets, and provide a way to test the competing theories about asset pricing. Betting lines—the odds set by bookmakers, which are constantly shifting in the days leading up to a game, and which determine how much bettors must pay to place a bet—offer a good analogy to stock prices.

But the markets differ in two key ways. First, sports betting behavior for any given game or on any given weekend is not affected by macroeconomic factors. Second, in sports betting markets, there is empirical evidence for whether prices are correct or not: the outcome of the game.

With systematic risk—the risk inherent in the entire market—removed as a possible explanation for prices, Moskowitz could test whether sports betting markets exhibit value and momentum effects—and if they did, he reasoned, that would suggest behavioral phenomena were most likely at work.

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