cabin in the woods betting scene kids
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Cabin in the woods betting scene kids

Whedon saw it as both an exercise in how much fun they could have they wrote it over a single weekend and as a serious critique of a genre they loved that had descended under a wave of needless torture and stupid characters crafted solely to be killed in terrible ways.

Video game tie-ins have become the standard for a ton of genre movies, but instead of making a crappy game on the cheap, The Cabin in the Woods was going to be ported into the already-popular Left 4 Dead series. It was a natural fit, as players could have fought their way through both the cabin setting and the underground bureaucratic office.

There are still Left 4 Dead monsters inside the cube facility in the movie, but the movie never made its way into the game because the original studio went bankrupt, and the delay in release killed the crossover. The college crew getting drunk, having fun, and just trying to survive? The white-collar workers represented by Richard Jenkins then, from their lab, secretly force the young vacationers into a horror movie scenario.

When a person makes a dumb decision in a horror movie, it's orchestrated by corporate puppet masters. There's more: The white-collar workers have been manipulating teens into horror movie scenarios for years, all specifically to appease an unseen, wrathful god that requires sacrifices that look like various horror movies. The wrathful gods are clearly a symbol for horror movie audiences.

We, the gods, need to see college kids die in a very specific way. If the horror movie formula is deviated from, the sacrifice will not be sufficient. Hence the predictability of the genre. It's all mildly clever, in a discussion-after-the-third-bong-rip sort of way. It's not so much a satirical takedown of a genre as it is a fun fan theory. The Reavers In " The Cabin in the Woods ," the process of sacrificing college kids has become so pedestrian for the white-collar workers that they have begun to make bets as to which monster will be summoned to do the killing.

As the cabin in the woods is stocked with monster-summoning devices, it remains random which device the college kids might trigger. In one amusing shot, the white-collar workers reveal their betting board, with each monster at their disposal listed on it. The potential monsters include "alien beast," "werewolf," "Hell lord," "sexy witches," "angry molesting tree" a direct reference to the first two "Evil Dead" movies , and a mysterious creature only listed as "Kevin.

There, they will unleash all of the monsters on the above betting board.

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