10 thousand btc
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10 thousand btc

It symobilizes a website link url. Copy Link Laszlo Hanyecz bought these pizzas for 10, bitcoins on May 22, Laszlo Hanyecz This story is available exclusively to Insider subscribers. Become an Insider and start reading now. Back in , a developer bought two pizzas for 10, bitcoins. On May 22, , a developer bought two pizzas using 10, units of a then-little-known digital currency called bitcoin. Bitcoin is going nuclear.

It has since embarked on an epic bull run. On May 22, , Hanyecz traded 10, Bitcoin for some pizza in what is widely believed to be the first real-world transaction involving Bitcoin. Each year, on May 22, Bitcoin enthusiasts all over the world celebrate "Bitcoin Pizza Day" to mark the event. Bitcoin then was worth less than a penny. Hanyecz, a computer programmer who lives in Florida, told Cooper he made a number of other trades after the pizza.

In all, he estimated that he spent , Bitcoin on a number of items, much of it on pizza. Bitcoin is a digital computer-based currency that is not backed by any government or bank.

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10 thousand btc Bitcoin's nosebleed-inducing decade of upward price movement is what drives CNBC headlines and motivates participation: People see it as a way to get rich. It's impossible to predict how much it might be worth in the future. Good To Know Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million coins. It burst, 10 thousand btc the price flopped back down to the single digits. Nearly 19 million are currently in circulation, leaving just over two million left to be mined. That pattern started in and has repeated itself every few years. Ponzi schemes and other frauds that had cryptocurrency catalog to do with bitcoin, like BitConnect and OneCoin, had ripple effects felt by all cryptocurrency investors.

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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has spoken respectfully of bitcoin's role as a "speculative store of value. Hanyecz's solid-gold pizzas show us that if CoinDesk paid me in bitcoin, one of us would likely get rekt. Or would we? Hanyecz works for apparel brand GORUCK as a developer and, partly because he is internet-famous, the e-commerce company is one of a handful that accepts bitcoin.

It's a small volume, about two or three orders per week over the past two years, Hanyecz told me. But it's working out. The dollar cost averaging people talk about, it works really well. Grabbing some of that bitcoin pizza "It's common knowledge that anybody who held for four years is in the money," Hanyecz said. First, bitcoin's halving showed in real time bitcoin's inviolable issuance schedule all while central banks test just how much money they can print on demand.

Then, on Wednesday, as I was writing down questions for Hanyecz and trying to home-school my kids, someone moved bitcoin that had been sitting in the same place since February Hodling is part of what drives the value of bitcoin up, as low velocity can do for any currency. But low velocity can't be the whole story, as Hanyecz realized early on, looking at bitcoin as an experiment. With hedge fund household names placing long-term bets on its viability as "digital gold," that narrative seems set in stone.