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Google earth sort my places alphabetically filipino babette cole hair in funny places book

Google earth sort my places alphabetically filipino

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As for When clicking on a placemark there is no way to identify the other placemarks which are in the same group i. I hoped the plugin might provide some default functionality around this with folders, but I haven't been able to find anything. This depends of if you are really using the plug-in and thus JS or not.

With straight KML I don't think anything is possible. However if you are using the plugin and some JS you have number of options depending on how you set up your. However, if you are talking about a mobile device app, then nothing is possible except the Regions and I suggest you edit your question to remove the 'google-earth-plugin' tag.

Test your marker by clicking once on the push pin icon or on the name of the marker in you My Places section. Getting Fancy With Placemarks The first section was just the start. There are many different ways to customize your placemarkers. Here are a few of your options. Click the icon in the upper right corner to display the Icon window. Click on anyone of the icons to replace the yellow push pin. Click on the Style, Color tab to change the color of either the label for your placemark or the color of the icon itself.

You can also change the size each and determine how transparent each is. Both of these are useful when your mark is being placed on lighter backgrounds. You can also make your placemark invisible by setting the Opacity for both to 0. The options under the View tab determine how this section of the globe will be seen when users select your marker and fly to it.

You could enter all this information by hand but the best way to handle it is to use the standard navigation tools to get everything just as you want it and then click the Snapshot current view button at the bottom of the window.

Right-clicking on the icon and choosing Snapshot current view does the same thing. The fourth tab, Altitude, is a little advanced for this tutorial. It adjusts how far about sea level the marker is placed and can be useful when placing markers in a location with lots of 3D buildings. Images created as bit PNG images which support alpha-transparency partial transparency; translucent appearance , 16 million colors, and are the best choice for Google Earth icons.

Most image editing software will provide the tools necessary. The ideal size for icons is 64 x 64 pixels. For larger or smaller icons use 32 x 32, x , and other dimensions that are factors of two, because they scale better in Google Earth.